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The Phantom of the Opera (1986) What version of the song 'The Phantom Of The Opera' is your favorite?

10 fans picked:
Michael Crawford & amp; Sarah Brightman
Michael Crawford & Sarah Brightman
Gerald Butler & amp; Emmy Rossum
Gerald Butler & Emmy Rossum
Steve Harly & amp; Sarah Brightman
Steve Harly & Sarah Brightman
 PetesDragon posted più di un anno fa
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Steve Harly & amp; Sarah Brightman
PetesDragon picked Steve Harly & Sarah Brightman:
Please tell me why that version is the best to you thanks? I think the Steve Harly version is more energetic than the others and the words are different too which are different.
posted più di un anno fa.
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Michael Crawford & amp; Sarah...
wanderingchild7 picked Michael Crawford & Sarah Brightman:
I like the Steve Hardy version lyrics but I just don't like his voice. Michael is my favourite phantom!
posted più di un anno fa.