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posted by CyberFive
ciao everybody!

Seeing as how I've been a member of this club and have been a part of fanpop since May, I guess it's the appropriate time for me to introduce myself, and this seems like the very place to be più recognized, that's why I'm Scrivere this articolo in order to do so. So, first and foremost, hello, my name is James (A lot of my Friends call me "Frenchy" due to my last name for short but I swear I am not French (not that that's a bad thing, of course)). I live in England with my Mum, Dad, twin-sister, older sister (who has moved out and visits us regularly but I like to think she still...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
Another super short article, sorry if te find it uninteresting lol.

Best Disney Prince Hair
1. Flynn
2. Phillip
3. Naveen
4. John Smith
5. Aladdin
6. Prince
7. Eric
8. Adam
9. Shang
10. Charming

10. gelsomino - high ponytail
It might be a little too much but I still Amore it.

9. Snow White - with red bow
It looks adorable and it matches with her red lips

8. Tiana - bun with white veil and tiara
It looks beautiful and it's unique!

7. Ariel - loose
I Amore her hair underwater, it looks amazing.

6. Belle - half updo
It's really elegant and unique, I Amore it!

5. gelsomino - loose
I wish I had...
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My personal list:

10. Pocahontas & John Smith

Sorry for some più Pocahontas bashing, I am not doing it on purpose. They're the only couple I'm not fond of at all. The relationship only seems passionate to me. John Smith's fast change of mind wasn't believable at all. A lot of scenes were awkward for me to watch. Like when Kocoum saw John & Poca baciare and when she admitted she loved John to everyone at the worst time possible. Plus, John Smith would've shot Pocahontas if she wasn't beautiful. I just see them as two hot people who lust over each other and John Smith doesn't even...
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Hi everybody! My past articoli are only lists and informations about the princesses, now te will know my opinions about them.

10. Snow White
I really find her so boring. For me, she is not as pretty as the others and her voice sucks. But, the good thing that I like about her is her simplicity and kindness.

9. Aurora
Aurora is a very beautiful princess. But, her personality is really poor. In terms of voice, she is one of my favorites. The only reason that she is higher than Snow White is because of her relationship to Philip.

8. Ariel
Now here is the big deal, in my former lista she is my number...
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Here's another lista that I wrote più than a anno fa and that I'm now going to update, compared to the preferito DP Film lista this lista isn't so different from the original one.

10. Mulan & Shang (previous rank: #10, stayed the same)
This is not a couple, these two are just best Friends and neither where ready to get married, now I'm basing this only on the first movie, they don't really get into a serious relationship like the other couples do (yes even the couples with little screentime has più serious relationships than these two).

9. gelsomino & Aladdin (previous rank: #9, stayed...
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posted by jainabieber7
 i'm jaina :)
i'm jaina :)
ciao DP fans! i just wanted to introduce myself because I am obsessed with this fan page and I would Amore for everyone to get to know me better!
some info about me:

- My name is Jaina (jane-uh) and I'm 16 years old.

- I live in sunny Florida, just 2 hours away from Walt Disney World! I have an annual pass and I go A LOT.

- My preferito DP list!
1. Rapunzel
2. Belle
3. Ariel
4. Cinderella
5. Jasmine
6. Pocahontas
7. Mulan
8. Snow White
9. Aurora
10. Tiana

- My fave Disney movie is Tangled.
others are Toy Story, Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan, ect. I could go on forever....
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posted by BraBrief
As te can deduct, in this articolo I'll explain how I paired the Disney Princesses, analysing what they have in common, so what could make them a good couple of friends. I was inspired da the Most Similar Princess Pair Countdown, made da sweetie-94.

Ariel & Jasmine.
It was very hard to choose who could be Ariel's best friend among Belle, gelsomino and Rapunzel because these four princesses have a strong spirit of adventure. At last, I chose gelsomino because she has a lot of things in common with Ariel: both hope for a their own freedom and dream to see the world out of their kingdom/palace....
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Snow White-Ellen Page

Cinderella-Scarlett Johannson

Aurora-Dianna Agron

Ariel-Emma Stone

Belle-Emmy Russom

Jasmine-Freida Pinto

Pocahontas-Naya Rivera

Mulan-Brenda Song

Tiana-Rihanna (I only put her here because everyone else thinks so for some reason)

Rapunzel-Amanda Seyfried
Here it is, the first part of this countdown, hope you'll like this articolo :) I won't put so many commenti on here since I based it off the pergectance instead of comments, all the pictures are made da me!

45. Snow White & Jasmine

I can kinda understand why these two got eliminated first, they're each others opposites basically in many aspects, but personally I wouldn't eliminate them first, they have più things in common than some of the other pairs.

Your comments:
Because of their completely different attitudes and personalities. Snow isn't capable of standing up for herself the...
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Well I hope you'll enjoy this articolo :)

Snow White: Red bow

I've already explained why I Amore the bow in 2 other articles, but as I've detto before I've always loved this bow ever since I was a child and I will always have this as my preferito accessory, it's so cute and I have the same hairstyle so I suit in bows perfectly well.

Cinderella: Blue headband

As te know I really hate the bun, but the headband is very lovely and of course it Suits the dress perfectly. I also Amore how sparkly the headband is and I would Amore to wear this headband someday.

Aurora: Golden tiara

I would...
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posted by sweetie-94
I think I'm one of the first to do an articolo about my preferito DP Intros, but oh well, I hope te will enjoy this articolo and don't forget to leave a commento :)

10. Pocahontas

I'm going to be honest here, but I really HATE this intro, it's probably my least preferito animated movie intro. It's so boring and it makes me wanna fall asleep, but this doesn't mean that I hate modern movie intros of course not, some are good, some are just boring. The thing I hate the most with the intro is the songs, especially "Steady As The Beating Drum", it's one of my least preferito animated movie songs....
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posted by blossomyumyum
I recently discovered that these articoli were ALL over the Most recente pages and as I am still fairly new to Fanpop, I have decided to make my own. Thanks to phantomrose89 on this idea, it's greatly fun!

First Name: Technically Annabel but everyone calls me Emily. My name has a long story, where my Dad had written out Annabel in a birth form, yet it was supposed to be written as Emily. But when my doctor had come in the nursery, a secondo later she was explained to about having rattles in the face with coos of Emily being talked about every second. Ha ha, long story short, just call me Emily...
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I decided to take a break from my preferito DP related Youtube video and start with my very first fanfiction, hope you'll like it and please comment! Here we go!

Alexandra was like most of the girls in her age, she looked for someone to love, she loved shopping, she had a few Friends and she didn't like her parents that much. Her dream was different from the others, it was to be a child again because she missed the life as a child, but she knew that it was impossible to make the dream come true and that was one of the reasons to why she was recitazione like a child very often! She had long brown...
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posted by MagicPrincess
This is a countdown of Magic Princess' preferito non-traditional/peasant/regular outfits from the DPs!
(Note: Pocahontas and Rapunzel is not included because Poca wore one dress and Punzie wore her Traditional dress but later wore a più princess dress at the end)

8. Snow White's Maid/Peasant dress:
This dress to me is not the best. I know that she was treated badly and that the Queen tried to hide her beauty with this outfit, but this dress is just BLEEUUUGHHHH for me :)

7. Jasmine's Peasant disguise:
This. Outfit. BLEEUUGHH! Sure she's trying to be a peasant but couldn't she dress a bit...
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posted by MagicPrincess
Tiana wears a total of 9 outfits (grown up) in the movie making her the princess with the most dress changes.

9. La'Bouffs' Masquerade Dress:
I Amore Tiana and all, but in this dress? BLEEUUUGGHH!!! Hate the design, hate the color and whaddup with that headdress?
 Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)
Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)

8. Cal's Dress:
Tiana's Cal's dress is quite nice I guess. Almost looks like Alice's dress but that's just me. The color is pretty!
 Not bad :)
Not bad :)

7. arancia, arancio Outfit:
This looks quite cute but I don't know if arancia, arancio is her color :-/
 I don't think so
I don't think so

6. Duke's Dress:
This dress cute, love...
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posted by sweetie-94
Here is my opinion on the best DP hair, once again my number 1 is going to surprise, but like I have detto before I hope te will have a wonderful Leggere time and don't forget to leave a comment! I'm basing it mostly after how many of the different styles that I love.

10. Cinderella

I don't like her hair that much, it looks like it could fit a doll rather than a cartoon character because it looks plastic to me. The only hairstyle that I Amore is the low ponytail in around the beginning. The hairstyle that I hate the most is the bun that she has on the ball and in the end with a veil, I'm...
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Finally it's time to lista my preferito DP speaking voices. This was thougher to do because I Amore all of their speaking voices. Image credit goes to

10. Pocahontas (voiced da Irene Bedard)
 "Look around you, this is where the path of hating has brought us"
"Look around you, this is where the path of hating has brought us"

I like her speaking voice better than her Canto voice, but it's still not good enough to make it higher on my list. I think Irene should have done the Canto voice of Pocahontas because she is più suiting for the character.

9. Belle (voiced da Paige O Hara)
 "Well, some people uses their imatinations"
"Well, some people uses their imatinations"...
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posted by Swanpride
When Disney decided to give traditional animazione another shot, it was somewhat logical that they would try to start this “new era” with a Disney Princess movie. After all, each glorious era started with one. “Snow White”, “Cinderella” and “The Little Mermaid” were small masterpieces. But the “Princess and the Frog” proved to be problematic from the very beginning.

I was not happy when I heard that the successivo princess would be black. Not because I didn’t want a black princess, but because I feared that she was created for all the wrong reasons. If they had chosen an African...
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posted by madisonsavanna
My first articolo written since I’ve been back! :) Hope te guys like it and FYI; my superiore, in alto four are probably typical ha.

10) Rapunzel

I Amore her hair and she has cute eyebrows, but complessivamente, generale her looks don’t cut it for me. She has a big head and a weird nose, and her eyes are freakishly huge; they take up half her face. Just way too cartoony for me, she looks like a bobble head IMO.

9) Ariel

Another one that’s too cartoony. She has some really pretty shots, like the picture I’m using; it’s my preferito of her. Her hair would be prettier if it weren’t for her bangs, I don’t like...
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posted by cuteasprincie
 Me Capturing Photographs from my Camera when I went to Prairies last Year!!I know Its a Small pic :P
Me Capturing Photographs from my Camera when I went to Prairies last Year!!I know Its a Small pic :P
First Name: Ashley

Country of Origin:United States and My Dad is American and my Mom's French...

Favorite Disney Movie:I Adore all of them but The preferito is Beauty and the Beast.. :)

Hobbies:Sketching,Laughing(lol),Watching Movies,Playing chitarra and the Main is PHOTOGRAPHY!

Education:Just doing Job!!I'm 24 years old!!

Music I like: Musica da Alan Menken and Hollywood Musics!!

Movies (besides Disney movies) that I like:Walk to Remember(I adore it),It's Complicated(2009),World's Greatest Dad(2009),Juno(2007)Hairspray(2007),The Orphanage(2007) etc...

Books I read:Usually,Books by...
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