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THaSlimJim mi ha dato omaggio per my images
ok i want a round where its like the rul is u can make a icona of literlly whatever u want except it cant b Anime art i think that would b cool

also bro r u feelin ok??? u can talk 2 me if u need man postato ·3 ore fa
wantadog commentato…
I'll go ahead and put the titolo for that theme as "Nahnime" ·3 ore fa
wantadog commentato…
I'm alright. It's nothin new. ·3 ore fa
THaSlimJim commentato…
also no cartoon either i think it would b cool if ppl did icone they would not normmly make ·3 ore fa
THaSlimJim commentato…
well ok man if u r sure ·3 ore fa
wantadog detto …
*sigh* this is why I dont go on Facebook . I was in a great mood and then I saw a post that pretty much ruined it. Gotta Amore having the pointlessness of a situation thrown schiaffo, smack in your face. postato ·7 ore fa
wantadog ha detto riguardo a Riku114
Pokemon knew what they were doing when they let te name your rival. Honestly it's the most cathartic release. postato un giorno fa