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bellascully14 posted on Jun 01, 2009 at 01:18AM
What songs do you think fit the relationship between Harry and Hermione?

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più di un anno fa Dean-girlx said…
fix you - coldplay

pieces - red

Angels on the moon - thriving ivory

another heart calls - all american rejects


everything changes - staind

:) ♥ ♥
più di un anno fa ab26 said…
it is you ( i have loved)-dana glover

need to be next to you-sara evans

at the beginning-donna lewis & richard marx

all because of you-sunrise avenue

your guardian angel-the red jumpsuit apparatus


i will wait for you-elliot yamin

my immortal-evanescence

più di un anno fa A-Gie said…
I think that after that dance scene in DH Nick Cave's "O'Children" will become unofficial H/Hr theme as someone said on livejournal :)

But the songs that remind me of them are also:

OneRepublic - Won't Stop (SVEvenstar on YT made once a beautiful video with this song that I requested)
Coldplay - Swallowed In The Sea
Muse - Unintended
Damien Rice - Delicate (But it reminds me of LOST as well)
Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
Paramore - The Only Exception
Safetysuit - Anywhere but Here
Snow Patrol - Signal Fire
Bon Iver - Re: Stacks
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più di un anno fa OnlyHarmioneHJP said…
I'll probably be adding more as I hear them, but these are some that remind me of the beauty that is Harry and Hermione:

1. Undiscovered - James Morrison
2. Love Story - Katharine McPhee (100% Harmony)
3. If Everyone Cared - Nickelback (about Harmony, Harry's life and the state of the wizarding world)
4. Telling the World - Taio Cruz
5. True To Your Heart - 98 Degrees
6. Addicted - Enrique Inglesias
7. Love Will Never Do (Without You)/Runaway - Janet Jackson
8. Can't Stop - After 7
9. Simply the Best - Tina Turner
10. Justify My Love - Madonna
11. Can't Get You Out of My Head - Empty Trash
12. Happy - Ayeshia Woods
13. She's Blowin' Me Up - JC Chasez
14. Number One - Pharrell Williams feat. Kanye West
15. Beyond Here Lies Nothing - Bob Dylan
16. My Love is Your Love - Whitney Houston

(In no particular order)

Trust me on these, listen to the lyrics and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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più di un anno fa Harmony_234 said…
I got you- Leona Lewis
Sparks fly- Taylor swift
Keep holding on- Avril Lavigne
id come for you- Nickelback
O'children- Nick cave (Because thats the song Hermione and Harry danced 2)
Happy- Leona Lewis
F*cking Perfect- Pink
The mess i made- Parachute
only one- alex band

Thats all i got so far. there are more but idk them off the top of my head.
più di un anno fa RespHarmony said…
all about us- t.A.T.u
Never Alone- Barlowgirl

più di un anno fa Kackahaluzova said…
Owl City-Meteor Shower
più di un anno fa RespHarmony said…
Ingrid Michaelson-Parachute
più di un anno fa EternalDownfall said…
I think demons by imagine dragons captures something of Harry's mindset, the wizarding world, and his desire to protect Hermione, it's dark, but isn't the world of Harry potter.
più di un anno fa Stargaryen said…
"Neverland" by Marillion, especially this verse:
"All these years, truth in front of my eyes
While I denied what my heart knows was right"