Harry Potter vs Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
I will focus on the last book in the next reasons... and I have a lot, don't you worry. ;)

154. Chapter One:
Breaking Dawn (Engaged): Stupid, stupid, STUPID chapter with nothing in it but people admiring Bella's car and her obsessing over her lost best friend, Jacob, who she personally doesn't give a shit about. She's really upset and then, as every book starts out, she goes all happy and dreamy when she sees Edward. Very predictable and very stupid.
Deathly Hallows (The Dark Lord Ascending): I'm sorry but the chapter's name is just awesome. Just by READING the name, you can tell that the whole chapter is gonna be awesome. Voldemort discussing the plans with the Death Eaters- the Malfoys being extremely uncomfortable about Voldemort being in their mansion. Snape's information for Voldemort... can you say interesting much?

155. The Seven Potters. Its about people coming to rescue Harry and drinking Polyjuice Potion, transforming their physical appearance to Harry's. IT seems like the only people who want to risk their life to save Bella are Edward, Jacob, Edward, Jacob. I don't blame them- Bella is just stuck up and selfish. Harry is modest and so, people are there to protect him, risking their own lives as they do so.

156. The non-battle battle: Stupid much? VERY! The only thing that was happening was Bella doing her 'force-field' thingy around the Cullens and the wolves. Nothing else happened. I was so Team Caius at that time... at least he wanted the battle.
And then the battle in the Deathly Hallows... there couldn't be a better battle. I mean, how many people died?
1. Fred Weasley (My favorite character)
2. Lupin
3. Tonks
4. Colin Creevy
JKR sacrificed the good guys because she wasn't afraid to and it made the book better, believe me.
più di un anno fa Free_Spirit said…
Harry Potter Characters actually have depth, everything taht happens to them affects them. Twilight, they have like three emotiocions for the whole book and when something happens they get upset once and thats it. like when edward leaves Bella he only talks about it two times.

Harry Potter is a much better character. He is brave, corougeous, nice, and he does have his faults he can be a bit tempered at pressured times. But thats good cause he has flaws. Edward is apparently perfect and can do no wrong. He is a bloody stalker,creepy, inhumane,possesive, controlling, and abusive. He doesn't let Bella do anything that he doesn't like and then he just throws money at her. Does he realise millions of kids are out there starving yet he wants to buy a 5th car.

I am going to give one to Twilight. Because you can get awesome parody's out of it.

Twilight is too happy everything ends out okay and they all live happily ever after. In Harry Potter Jk is afraid to kill main Characters like Dumbledore, Fred =(,Tonks, Lupin, Colin. dobby.

Jk puts conflict in her writing. Twilight there is one conflict Bella looks into his eyes and forgives him. Harry Potter many conflicts arise and this goes on forever until finally someone forgives each other

Movies are way better. Twilight acting is the worst i have ever seen.

Harry Potter is actual love, Ginny and Harry, Hermoine and Ron. Twilighgt is more of an obsession
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più di un anno fa -ToujoursPur said…
big smile
I'll say 157th reason.

Actors in movies. Daniel Radcliffe never played another movie before, in some of the movies he's not even THAT hot, and people still love him. Because he has TALENT!

In Twilight Wiki, I typed: "Edward Cullen" and in the section: "Behind the Scenes" there was actually: "Robert Pattison played on HP 4!!!!", while on Harry Potter Wiki, when I typed: "Cedric Diggory" NOTHING Twilight was mentioned. The only time I saw the movie "Twilight Mentioned", was in Robert Pattison's page, amongst other moved he played.

Can you say: "Shallow"? That is all you will get on the Twilight books/movies. While on Harry Potter, there are is intellectual dialogging, on Twilight the only thing you read is: "I know right" and "Hard and cold as granite"

First chapter. On Twilight, Bella was talking about how emo she always considered herself and how oh-so-miserable was her life. On the other hand, on Harry Potter the main character's name wasn't EVEN MENTIONED in the first pages: "Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much." vs. "I had never given much thought to how i would die. but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a pretty good way to go." Yeah, TWILIGHT REFLECTS OUR LIVES! Who is the MORON that would ACTUALLY say that? While the first chapter of Harry Potter actually starts as normal.

Harry Potter makes you live with the characters, makes you grow up with them. I was seven when I read the first book, and twelve when I finished the last one. I grew up with that guy, I hardly waited for my 11th birthday, and shed a tear when I realized that the wish to have gotten a letter had gone; that all I wanted, was to keep reading Harry Potter, and that somehow, Harry and I grew up together.

A topic that has been mentioned: Characters. I would like to add my own version;
I have seen girls like Bella in my life. I have seen them whine, cry, go emo, want to jump off a cliff because they had been dumped. I have had many boyfriends, and still have an amazing one who also adores HP, hehe. I wouldn't mind if he left me; life goes on. Life will always go on! Other people will come, if he dumped you... he isn't worth it! If he dumped you, FIND A BETTER ONE! Do what Hermione would have done, what Harry did, what Ginny used and what Draco said. DON'T go after Bella, and risk dying because: "he said he wood leaf me!1!1!1". That is what HP teaches us.
più di un anno fa -ToujoursPur said…
Clothes. There is nothing "vampire"-ish in Twilight... in HP, the clothes basically spell out: "Wizardd"
più di un anno fa Ciel94 said…
When the first Harry Potter film was maked, J.K Rowling was asked if she would play Lily Potter in the Mirror of Erised. J.K Rowling said no, because she didn't think a author of a book should be in the film.
What did Stephenie Meyer do? She is in the film, as a random lady with a laptop. Why do she need to be in her own movie? Really?

Quiddtch vs. baseball? Not a hard question.

No hot guys in Harry Potter? Please. Rupert Grint, Matthew Levis, Tom Felton, Alan Rickman etc.

"Never tickle a sleeping dragon" is just so much cooler than "And then the lion fell in love with the lamb"
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più di un anno fa raina135 said…
Harry Potter:

168. MORAL LESSONS- friendship and loyalty and etc.

169. I love the way the world is made. It is a WORLD, I know, Twilight Saga also had this world but the details of the Wizardly World is so good that in every page, you will feel that you are studying in Hogwarts.

170. You can see the way the characters evolve.

171. Originality

172. WaR??? war in Breaking Dawn, is that even a war???

173. I read the HP and TS Books, you can always re-read HP but in TS, I don't think so.(based from experience)

-no hard feelings for Twilight readers because I am one.
più di un anno fa lily_106 said…
174. Robert Pattinson was goodlooking in HP, he was gross in twilight and had a f**cked up voice
più di un anno fa lily_106 said…
175. Smeyer spends way too much time describing the insignificant things that clog up the story: eg. what people are wearing, whether the cabin of Bella's truck is warm or how it smells etc

176. Bella is a terrible main character. She comes off as weak.

177. HP is more believable, even though it's less realistic and not set in a real town, it still seems more likely. That's down to the brilliant writing of JKR

178. There are more HP books, therefore, more enjoyment for the readers yes?

179. You become attached to the characters in HP and you feel their emotions. In twilight, all the characters are so unrealistic that they are distant.
più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
Free_Spirit said some but no one counted them so I am going to start with 186.
186. Okay... the books. Twilight sold 17 million copies. Philosopher's Stone (or Sorcerer's Stone) sold 120 million. *Lets out a low whistle*

187. New moon sold 5.3 million copies. Chamber of Secrets sold 77 million copies.

188. Eclipse sold 4.5 million copies. Prisoner of Azkaban sold 61 million copies.

189. Breaking Dawn sold 3.7 million copies. Goblet of Fire sold 66 million copies.

So... let's count.

190. The whole Twilight series sold somewhere around 30.5 million copies. And Harry Potter series (upto Book 4) sold 324 million copies. :) Still not convinced?

191. Order of the Phoenix sold 55 million copies. Which is more than the whole Twilight series. Half Blood Prince sold 65 million copies. Which is DEFO more than the whole Twilight series. Deathly Hallows sold 44 milion copies which is ALSO more than the whole Twilight series. :) So, total... Harry Potter series sold something like 488 million copies. Enough said.

:D GO HARRY POTTER! Wuhoo. We are nearly on 200.
più di un anno fa HomeAndAwayFan said…
192. I don't think this has been said so here it goes.

One of the hardest things to do is relate to kids, teenagers in particular. Teachers struggle with it constantly. If you attempt to talk to them as if you’re one of them, it can come off as condescending, belittling, and at worst, stupid. This is exactly what Twilight does. Harry Potter never talks down to its audience, frequently putting common youthful feelings of loss, sexual awkwardness, and friendship at the forefront of its themes. While Potter is fighting He Who Must Not Be Named, he is also dealing with complicated relationships that suffer due to jealousy and lying.
più di un anno fa Ciel94 said…
193. Really, we don't care about Bella doing her homework, we don't care about Bella cooks for her dad, we don't care about Bella who is taking a shower. It's boooooring! Can we move on, please?

più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
194. Oh and Ciel94, we don't care about what parts Bella shaves in the last book. :)
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
195: It's both the movieseller and
196: the bookseller!
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
197: More fans
più di un anno fa ryomaidol said…
198: It is not getting boring even if you watched it an infinite th time!
più di un anno fa Mrs-Grint said…
199: The love in Harry Potter is..how do you mean..REAL! I mean, really would a boy and a girl just say they love eachother after just a few weeks of knowing eachother. They would be embarassed, shy. Like HomeAndAwayFan said Harry Potter books frequently putting in common youthful feelings like sexual awkwardness.

HP is more realistic is that sense. You can relate to it.
più di un anno fa Cherrydrop said…
200: In HP there's lots of strong female characters! I can't exactly say the same for Twilight (Bella) :) I mean, look at Molly, Hermione, Ginny, McGonagall, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Umbridge ( yes, Umbridge C: ) etc. etc. They don't depend on a husband or boyfriend to live, and they can take care of themselves. :-)

Go Potter! *U*
bestpotterhead commented…
Our Bella/bellatrix lestrange can kick Bella swans but!!! 'nough detto più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa silverandgreen7 said…
201. I think HP fans are more devoted. We're going to remember HP probably forever.

202. Who cried in Twilight? I bet there were SO MUCH people who cried in HP because many characters died, even though they weren't exactly the "main" characters...

(btw, is there really only one reason in the 1000 reasons why Twilight is better than HP? we're up to hundreds now XD)
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Potterrocks112 commented…
I bet the first reason in the twilight one is: We have hawwt guys più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa ABDCFan- said…
I agree with Cherrydrop, about how they don't depend on a husband.

203. In HP i've noticed she seems to add characters in alot, but in Twilight alot of the characters are added in Twilight and New Moon, and that's it.

204. I think that both books can reach out to a teenage audience, but alot of the time, Bella is talking about how 'beautiful' Edward is, and her feelings for him, but in Harry Potter, they all seem sort of shy, and don't tend to let their feelings show as much, which is how most teenagers act around their 'crushes'.

205. Due to having read all the books in the saga and series several times (yes, i am sad), i've noticed that i become more attached to the harry potter books, than the twilight books, because of how everything is described, and because i feel it is more...real.

206. New Moon is just...depressing, and i always skip the middle, i mean all she does is put herself in danger, because she always sees edward when she is...in danger.

As twilight fan, i still respect the books, but i do honestly think that the Harry Potter books are better.

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più di un anno fa LoveDraco123 said…
207. Harry Potter fans are more civilized. I heard an incident when some rabid girls scratched some guy's brand new car because he didn't like Twilight. :|
più di un anno fa callmecrazy1897 said…
208. The love in Harry Potter shows all kinds of love:
Lily's love for Harry, she even sacrificed her life for him
The love the trio share, everything seems different when one is missing
Harry's first crush on Cho
the super random infatuation in book 6
and Snape's love for lily, he loved her so much he could let her go
( Which I honestly think Bella could never, EVER, do for Edward)

-Heya silverandgreen7! =P

più di un anno fa silverandgreen7 said…
209. A LOT of the HP characters are unique. Luna Lovegood, the Weasley family, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, just to name a few...
più di un anno fa callmecrazy1897 said…
reason number......
210. Harry potter has endless reasons!
211. J. K. Rowling gives justice to all the characters, lead or not.
You can't just not love the characters. and the main people arent boring, theyre happy with who they are- they don't have to transform themselves to be.....
AnkhMorpork commented…
Luna Lovegood is a great example. My role model for life! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa callmecrazy1897 said…
in the twilight 1000 reasons, it says that twilight is more deep and intellectual. But the depth is actually so made up, so desperate. so wannabe... just deep words with shallow meanings...
Ever heard of the quote "The simplest, turns out to be the most beautiful of them all"?

212. Even though a make believe wizard story, and some call it cliche', theres this honest, simplicity that makes HP a beautiful, magical story

più di un anno fa Hedwig11 said…
213. JKR is not afraid to step on toes. She knew their were going to be some people out there who wouldn't like her book because it has "witchcraft" *rolls eyes*. That didn't stop her from writing an amazing story. Stephanie Meyer's books, on the other hand, are filled with religious propaganda and alter every aspect about themselves to make it more christian-pleasing. e.g. vampires are hated by the Christians, but no, these ones are perfect, god fearing, and conform to practically every religious belief ever mentioned.

214. JKR acts her age, not her shoe size. JKR listens to criticism and addresses it in a mature, thought out, and civil way. Stephanie Meyer on the other hand refuses to listen to it. her brother screens the emails and letters she gets from fans before letting her read them so that her feelings aren't hurt by those who don't absolutely adore her sexual fanta- oh i mean book series. She childishly runs away from all criticism, even when its meant to be constructive. She's acting like a bratty, stuck up 12 year old who is convinced that they know everything. Even when she is forced to face criticism in a public Q&A or whatever, whenever an intelligent question is asked (i.g. What would you say to those who complain that your books are anti-feminist) she responds with some annoyingly stupid answer that is so incredibly condescending to the asker (i.e. "You're reading to much into it!" or "It's a fantasy! it's not supposed to be realistic!") seriously google "Stephanie Meyer addresses criticism" nothing will come up but other complaints from readers.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
215. Bella is a Mary Sue

216. Bella lacks any major flaws

217. Bella is too much of a whore if she has 5 guys chasing after her

218. Twilight is not a Saga at all

219. Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight like a fanfiction a bad one
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
220. If you are going to have Edward in the first book to be mysterious dont put First Edward was a vampire on the back
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
221. Twilight's cover of the apple, even though it represents forbidden love as she describe, wow such an "original idea", they get together anyway.
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più di un anno fa Kersian said…
222. Bella's name Isabella Swan, meaning if you replaced Isabella to it original meaning to beautiful you get Beautiful Swan, how conceited

223. Bella totally judges people by looks proven in the first book Twilight, chapter 1
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
224. What Bella and Edward are feeling is lust, not love.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
225. Critics gave a better review to The Princess Bride then Twilight the movie. That shows me that the romance in Twilight must suck bad
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più di un anno fa Kersian said…
226. JKR is an good example to follow if you plan to write a book
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
227. Stephenie Meyer thinks she's so superior than the past writers that she has to brag about how her character's love surpass even Romeo and Juliet's love.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
228. Twilight is based off of Stephenie Meyer's sexual fantasies
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
229. When a Twilight fan argues that Twilight is not real and the characters aren't they are telling the truth, since the characters lack any personality and depth of a real person
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
230. Stephenie Meyer inserted herself into the book as Bella

231. Edward is Stephenie Meyer's ideal guy

232. Stephenie Meyer writers her "men" like women

233. Why are there no fat people in the book Twilight?

234. Stephenie Meyer's writing style is pretty bad that you can tell she cracked open a thesaurus and said to herself as she wrote her book, "Hmmm which words will look great?"
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
235. Stephenie Meyer killed the concept of vampires

236. Stephenie Meyer writing reflects upon her which just like Stephenie Meyer not very smart
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
237. The Twilight series has lead to the beleif of Cullenism.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
238. Twilight fans judge the Twilight series based on the appearance of the author herself, a picture of the author was added to the books.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
239. JK Rowling compared to Stephenie Meyer on how the idea originated, it was not of a sexual fantasy
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
240. Stephenie Meyer is so terrible at writing that she won't improve if her brother, the one manages her site, keeps getting rid of all the criticism mail
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
241. Twilight has many many plot holes.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
242. Stephen King says, and I quote "the real difference [between Rowling and Meyer] is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer, and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good."
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
243. Stephenie Meyer sure loves to tell people, but can never show
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
244. Stephenie Meyer is not orignal so she made up a by combining two names making reneesme
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
245. If there was a war between the wizards and all their kickass creatures and agaisnt Stephenie Meyer's vampires and werewolves who have pretty much useless abilites, then wizards win plus kick ass creatures
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
246. Harry Potter's characters are clearly thought throughly and also the supporting cast
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
247. Vampires sparkle. There.
più di un anno fa Kersian said…
248. Vampires sparkle in the "sun". They are not suppose to be able to even survive in sunlight. The sun repels vampires.
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più di un anno fa Kersian said…
249. What happens if Bella gets her period and she's with Jasper?